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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 20, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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what about some other big travel areas? these are big connecting points. in new york, chicago, and atlanta, they will all see rain. look at denver. the storms will have cleared, but it will be cold. 26 degrees. it might be a skiing holiday. we will talk more about the forecast for this weekend, and look ahead to thanksgiving in just a minute. >> or big story comes out of anne arundel county where a federal officer has been convicted of killing a dog. >> keith shepherd was found guilty of killing bear bear, the siberian husky ms. -- mixed. >> the judge determined that keith shepherd used excessive force when he shot and killed bear bear, a siberian husky.
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he must pay fines, and faces one year of probation. >> he will walk away without a criminal conviction. >> keith shepherd did not say much as he left the court. a judge found him guilty of animal cruelty and firing a gun near a home. in august, keith shepherd shot three-year-old bear bear quail run community dog park, because he thought the dog was attacked in his call. during the trial, prosecutors played the 911 col. >> i am a federal police officer. i discharged my weapon to a dog that was attacking my dog. >> his family, his approach -- his career has been impacted. he was not able to go on a
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mission overseas to defend our country. hopefully, things will get back to normal. >> the judge sentenced him to a year of probation, a $500 fine, and community service. >> i am happy he was held responsible. he had no prior record, so it is not a surprise he would receive probation. the judge indicated he never thought this type of situation would occur again. >> if the owners of bear bear's showed no visible reaction. animal lovers were less than thrilled with the decision. >> a little more than what was done -- not necessarily in jail, but maybe a lot more community service, or more education. he overstepped his bounds. >> although they would have liked to see stiffer penalties, animal rights activists are
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saying they are happy he was held accountable. >> in baltimore city, police have broken up a suspected dogfighting rank. we have more on the dogs seized, and the disturbing living conditions. >> and overwhelming stench permeates from the basement, tennis straight -- penetrating the nostrils. cages lined the basement wall's like jail sells. two of the cages had no lining. the room is dark. the floor is covered in feces, surrounded by urine stains. there is no sign of food or water. this dog, perhaps still licking its wounds, is one of the six city police and animal control rescued. around 9:30 p.m., authorities responded to a dogfighting
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complaint on north payson street. the house appeared to take it. they entered through an open back door. authorities say a room on the third floor appears to be the battle ring because of the amount of blood splattered on the floor and mattresses. five of the animals are puppies. sadly, they may have been there either training to be fighters, or used as bait. >> one of the ways they train is to use dogs that do not know how to fight, and put them into an area that is aggressive, and it helps that dog build confidence because they can take down this other dog. >> the stock has no teeth. experts say the dog has its teeth taken out so it cannot defend itself. they found one dog dead inside a
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plastic bag that appear to have bite and chew marks on its hind legs. they spotted another dog in a green plastic bag. neighbors who declined to go on camera, all said they had no idea. there is a school right across the street. >> it is not something the police department or anyone can do on their own. we need community involvement. >> an investigation is under way into a deadly accident on the baltimore-washington parkway when a man was pushing a disabled vehicle off of the road when he was hit by another vehicle. the victim died at the scene. also under investigation is a standing outside of the baltimore city high school. a 16-year-old was stabbed in the back during a fight at douglass high school. the victim is expected to be ok.
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>> a morgan state university football player is under arrest, accused of physically assaulting a female student. we have more on what happened. >> the incident happened just outside of the student center and cafeteria. student -- school officials say that is where a female student was attacked in front of a crowd of witnesses. >> it started out as a jovial conversation. it turned serious. >> a spokesperson says the female victim refused medical attention, and it took some time before the assault was reported. >> the victim failed to identify the assailant, so it took about 24 hours before she was willing to come forward. once that happened, matters were handled by campus police. >> school officials tell us alcohol was involved, and the
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students knew each other. the university said they believed it was an isolated incident, but as promised a full investigation. >> we take it very seriously. anytime you have a male student involved in an assault with a female student, we take that very seriously. >> the unidentified student was immediately dismissed from the football team, and he has been arrested and charged with assault. >> in this morning's economy report, the u.s. district court has temporary -- temporarily shut down a relief court. here is kai reed. >> the defendants all practice under the umbrella of residential relief foundation.
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they are alleged to be a bogus mortgage relief firm, that makes the set of promises to consumers facing foreclosures. >> if consumers purchase services, they will get their loans modified, so their monthly payments will be substantially reduced. >> the company initially contact consumers by mail, and includes a seal that looks like the great seal of the united states, saying the consumer could qualify for modification that resulted reduced mortgage payment by as much as 40%. they charge a fee up front, but according to the ftc, in most cases, the loan modification never happens. >> we interviewed numerous consumers who all report basically nothing getting done. if they want a loan modification, they need to do it themselves, and there are not getting the assistance that was
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promised. >> no one came to the door at company headquarters. early this week, the u.s. district court in maryland halted operations and froze the company's assets. the company and sister companies have been placed under a temporary restraining order. >> a hearing is scheduled for wednesday to determine if the order will be extended. an independent third party has been put in place to investigate the operations. >> it is 48 degrees. still ahead, dr. kim hammond answers your pet questions. >> it is it chart which it is it time for your adult child to spread some -- is it time for your adult child to spread some wings, and take off? >> a nice day today. ahead of the front, some mild
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not that long ago,
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>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> this morning, we have only had a few clouds over the area. before the sun rose, the moon was out. it is a fair weather situation. close to the surface, they are in the upper atmosphere. no rain. it is beautiful outside. the nearest precipitation is in new england, with rain and snow in vermont, and new hampshire. there is a cold front coming in, but there is not enough moisture for it to do anything except maybe change the temperature a little bit tomorrow. let's look outside right now. we have the sunshine. 47 at the airport. inner harbor is at 47. morning lows were around 38.
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66% is the humidity. the barometer is rising. a nice, hygrometer provides dry conditions, and begin this case, sunshine. temperatures are up everywhere. edgewood is at 45. 46 at columbia. chestertown is 46 degrees. the satellite shows thin clouds. the precipitation, again, is up to the north. it is closer to the weather disturbance in canada. northern parts of maine are getting some snow. the cold front is near detroit, and the texas panhandle. there are some single digits in
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the northern plains this morning. we will not get the super cold air. it will stall to our south tomorrow. we will see whether gopac and forth. today, we are on the east side of the front. our temperatures will be warmer than yesterday, and tomorrow, it will be a little colder. the front comes back north, and we go up again. our forecast, even with this front, is pretty dry. most of the 60's will be south of baltimore. winds are at about five-15 miles per hour. a one-two foot chop. we will see some clouds on monday. 63 the high.
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by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, rain chances, and the temperatures bounce around. really cold air comes in on thanksgiving day. next week and looks like it will be quite a bit colder. >> just-in-time to decorate for christmas. santa claus has come to town. he will be here through christmas eve, because, of course, he will be very busy. this year, santa claus's house has gone green. >> santa claus is making baltimore his north pole. he arrives in spectacular fashion, and this year, his house is more cozy. over the years, his cottage had fallen under disrepair, but not anymore. from the inside, out, santa compel house has been upgraded,
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going green. >> we sealed everything. >> the senior marketing manager at harbor place, which seized thousands make a visit every year, -- which seized thousands make of this it every year, and shop. >> we will have a light show every night, and then we have another baltimore harbor classic. >> that will happen on december 4. more than 50 watercraft, lit up in holiday fashion, will make their way to the inner harbor, where santa claus will be every day. >> it is always so much fun. you can see him a 11:00 through 7:00 except on sundays. coming up, why some young adults
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are finding it harder to achieve independence. we will offer some insight on how to get them out. >> it is the movie thousands have been lining up for. the seventh installment of " harry potter." is it worth the money? >> i will see it anyway. i love it. dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions. we will be right back. we will be right back. this one actually does it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing lotion. nothing feels like it, smells like it, heals like it. gold bond. this stuff really works.
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our guest can help. he is the author of "and team the next." wellcome. >> thank you for having me. >> some people are having trouble. why did you write this? >> about 10 years ago, i started seeing more young adults who were struggling to leave home and parents who were having difficulty promoting self- reliance. the last few years, the economy has been tough, which makes the process more complicated. >> let's talk about some of the keys. avoid hurtful help. >> parents, in their well- intentioned efforts sometimes hobble their sense of self- confidence. parents have to learn how to convince themselves, maybe subtract themselves and allow
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the young adult to develop the capacity to manage on his or her own. >> what do you mean when you say the withdrawal of love and affection? >> one of the things i encourage is not keeping them in the nest, but build a net. you have to support their efforts to become more independent. that net kind of helps support them in case it does not go smoothly. >> i & everything you are doing, but if you need me, i am here? >> exactly. >> over-protected. >> sometimes, you can over-do it. kids feel more self confident when they know they can handle problems without being overwhelmed. >> over-evaluating. >> parents have strong feelings
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about whether their son or daughter is doing well, but the child has to be able to review their own progress. >> i have been there. inducing anxiety and fear -- i would be that parent. >> all of us find ourselves somewhere on this list. parents create the sense that the world is very overwhelming and scary, and that bleeds the young adults of having that confidence and moving ahead. >> clarify who is responsible for what -- especially with a kid in college, who you help with this, or that, maybe the next year, by your own books? >> you want to be involved, and be supportive. it takes longer these days for young adults to become self- reliant. nevertheless, we have to be able
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to give responsibility to the young adult. >> baby steps, like maybe having them take on their own cell phone bill. expressing concerns without undermining our economy -- autonomy. >> there are ways to convey that may be the best decision is not been made without suggesting you always know best. ultimately, their life is in their hands. if you are constantly sitting in judgment, it makes it difficult for them to trust themselves. >> my daughter, who is in college, i want to get across to her that i was so excited for her to be the women who i taught her to be after all of these years. >> that is the best part. there is a great sense of gratification as you watch your son or daughter standing on their own two feet.
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>> it is not easy, but give them a push and help them out. >> absolutely. >> thank you for coming in. do not go away. dr. kim hammond answers your pet questions when we come back, but first, here is a look at some events going on around town.
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>> live from television hill in baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news continues. >> there is a face. >> i love this type of dog. it is a belgian malinois. it looks like a german shepherd. this dog is unique. it is a drug-fighting dog, but one that you, as a private citizen could hire to come into your house if you are concerned your kids are doing drugs. they will look for all of them. >> will they find bedbugs? >> if the bad bugs are doing cocaine, they will find it. [laughter] >> this is dr. kim hammond. he will answer some questions this is? >> belgian malinois.
9:28 am
i think they are useful. if you have a teenager, and you just to not know, bring them in while they are in school. >> this is a beautiful breed. it has a great temperament. >> this is just the best. we are total strangers. >> are they all like this? >> you have to pay attention. they are not all like this. you have to find the right one and train it costs -- properly. there is a lot of work going into this behavior. >> my 12-year old dog has a urinary infection and has had medication. she stinks'. we differ of death, and 20 minutes later, she stinks' -- we give her a bath, and for 20
9:29 am
minutes later, she stink's again. what can i do? >> it is interesting. we are thinking about the urinary problem, and maybe it is actually leaking that urine smell. >> coming out of the skin? >> yes, and no parent i would definitely see your veterinarian. there are proper shampoos. if your dog has bad skin, it is not fleas, or allergies. that is this time of year. i like dr. berger. he is a good guy. you can call them for a council. >> there could be a systemic thing going on? >> it could be teeth. >> another question -- "my
9:30 am
should sue has severe dry eye, and reoccurring skin allergies. i was told to feed him lamb food, and he hates it. drops in the eyes do not seem to work. what can i do?" >> we have all sorts of things. generally, we can treat a dry eye condition. in need the right drops. call your veterinarian. tell him that the treatment is not working. if it is not working, get a second opinion. this requires treatment, but we can probably help. it is all related. lamb, sometimes as helpful, but probably not a primary thing. >> thank you. have a good thanksgiving. we'll be back in just a minute.
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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news saturday morning, in hd. >> welcome back. thank you for joining us. >> let's take a quick look outside with john collins. >> there will be a cold front in the area during the weekend. there will not be any rain
9:33 am
associated. we will be on the warm side today, cold side tomorrow, warm side again monday, and on the left side of your screen, you see stormy weather that comes in the middle of the week. i will spell it out in just a few minutes. stick around. >> a consumer alert for seniors dealing with the aarp life insurance program, it is possible someone might have received your personal information. lowell melser has more. >> i was very distressed, imagine, where is my personal information going, then? >> jay clough says he had tdo a double take when he opened a letter from his insurance company with an indication to increase coverage. >> i looked at the forum, and i was shocked.
9:34 am
it did not have my name, phone number, date of birth, or policy. it had someone else's personal information. >> it was addressed to a man who lived in cockeysville, and had all sorts of personal information. to follow the paper trail, jay clough called the man. >> she said she had also received a letter to an invitation to upgrade her insurance, and saw there was an arnold address and someone else's name. >> he called the underwriter, and said they thad no idea what was going on. >> a person could easily log on to the aarp life-insurance web site, and use this information, to get into my account, and see how i make my payments.
9:35 am
>> we contacted new york life, and representatives there say they will get to the bottom of the situation with the following response -- "the company is taking this seriously and is investigating. if a client's personal information has been shared with an authorized person, a client will offer a year of free credit monitoring to help with any consequences that might stem from all of this." >> new york life is looking -- is asking customers to look at their policies closely, and to have any problems, to contact them. we have provided disinformation on our website, >> if this is your ear to dish up thanksgiving dinner, we have secrets, and what you can do. >> new safety regulations in
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>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> plenty of sunshine out there today. the nearest rain is a long way away. there is a mix of rain and snow in parts of new york and new england. in detroit, there is a cool front, but you do not see any brain. this will not be much of a weather maker. let's get the temperatures. sunshine. 47 at the airport. the same at the inner harbor. 66% is the humidity. the barometer is rising.
9:39 am
west winds at 6 miles an hour. that will be the dominant direction. 52 at cambridge. 46 at edgewood. 50 at westminster. in the 40's all the way out through western maryland. here is the satellite picture. cloudiness in eastern pennsylvania, but there are not producing precipitation. here is the front. again, it is dry. the only moisture is associated with the low. rain -- rain in new york, and snow in parts of northern maine. the front will pass through the area. we are on the warm side. tomorrow, the cooler side. then, the front comes back as a
9:40 am
warm front on monday. there is no rain associated. maybe just a few clouds. a lot of sunshine today. warmer than yesterday. the insta-weather future-cast, we could see a hint try to push to the south. the cooler air behind the front, with that, we might see a few clouds. it is in the process of becoming a warm front and moving north. we will pick up some clouds monday morning and drive out with sunshine in the afternoon. we will worry about the middle of next week. sunday, a big football game in charlotte. they will be south of the cool front. there will be a lot of sunshine. mild temperatures. great football weather for the game. here is the seven-day forecast.
9:41 am
59 today. cooler tomorrow, 54. monday, 63. rain chances, tuesday, wednesday, and thanksgiving. it gets chilly, really chile, next weekend. -- really chilly, next weekend. >> botox injections are one of the most popular and widely-used cosmetic procedures worldwide. if new regulations in maryland now classified it as a medical procedure, and they have tightened their rules. new rules is in this morning's woman's doctor. here is donna hamilton. >> kelly wants to keep her skin nice for a long time. she has already been using botox for several years. >> usually, it is in the forehead, and right here. today, i wanted to get additional treatment right here. >> but me see you smile ok.
9:42 am
>> she lives knowing the person holding the needle is board- certified. this plastic surgeons as new rules are all about safety. >> i think when a patient comes in to where ever they will have their injection done, you want to know the person has experience, they have been trained, and that it is safe. >> a physician has to be part of the process. >> they want to see people that are trained. you can no longer just be trained by the maker of botox. >> if it is not done properly, you could damage someone's face. >> kelly likes knowing she is in good hands, and she likes the results. >> i will have you smile when more time. ok. >> you look wonderful.
9:43 am
>> thank you. >> we are joined now with more information. good morning. to buy for coming in. explain further why the need to change these rules? >> some people were worried that every time you see a white coat, you think that person has experience, where they really might not. they may have only taken a two- hour course, or perhaps no training at all. >> of course, that is dangerous, because they are dealing with needles, and your face. >> botox is a wonderful drug, but it does have potential side effects. >> what will this do? will it put some of those spas' out of business? >> i hope it just tighten sought the safety. we really feel that having someone that is trained in plastic surgery or dermatology,
9:44 am
particularly plastic surgery, will give the patient the full idea of what should be done. a total beauty makeover is possible when you get all of the information. >> when you hear it will be classified as a medical procedure what comes to mind is can you claim this and your medical insurance? >> anything that is cosmetic is not, but it was recently approved for migraines. it will probably be covered a little more frequently for those patients. >> most immediately, when people want to go for botox treatments, will they have to make a change? >> they need to seek out where they feel most comfortable and where the safety is. >> thank you for coming in. if you have any questions, call 1-800-mdmercy.
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>> are the movies worth the price of admission this week? max weiss has her reviews. first, a look at the winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. russell crow a college professor with a perfect wife,'s he is arrested for murder. -- and whose wife is arrested
9:48 am
for murder. his only option is to break her out of prison. >> normally, his movie is great, he is such a great actor. see it at your own risk. no one cares about that movie. everyone is talking about "harry potter and the deathly hallows." what we have here is the final chapter in the series. what they have done it is split it into two moquis. you could say it is warner brothers milking their cash cow, which is true, but you could argue it is a big, fat book. this is the two and a half hour movie, and it is part one. people love the series. why short-changing them.
9:49 am
the next one, the real finality is in 3d. the production value on these films are very high. i would say, if you have not seen these movies, have not read the books, do not bother seeing this. you will be completely lost. i have seen all of the movies, and i was lost at times. you need an application for your phone, where if you do not know all word they use, you can hold up your phone. they have reached a level where the director is very good and the kids have all grown up to be very good actors. the main actor is kind of a heart throb. i think they are all very, very talented actors.
9:50 am
we are kind of getting into a more gloomy territory. there is some violence. there is a little sexuality. this is rated pg-13. it earned that rating. it is quite good. if you like the movies, you will like it. if you lock them, you will love it. >> good stuff. jennifer cannot wait to see it. thank you. up next, we will get a headstart on our thanksgiving meal, emmet davitt fro ♪
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>> welcome back. thanksgiving is just a few days away. eddie's of roland park is here. this is stan lee, the head chef. this is something you can cook for folks. >> we have completed thinks giving meals ready. you can order them -- we have complete thanksgiving meals ready. you can order them ahead of time. we deliver, you can come in, we can help you make them, or you can pick them up. >> off camera, you were saying you average about 600 thanksgiving meals? >> we have two locations. and rowland avenue, you might seek to hundred or 300 families.
9:54 am
of thesego to some gorgeous sides. >> we cannot -- we cannot forget to have crabcakes in baltimore. >> talk to me about the rice. >> we have some dried cranberries. we have cranberry relish. >> that is gorgeous. >> this is just a small sample of our sides. we have three kinds of stuff in, traditional bride, chestnut, a corn bread apple stuffing, and it would not be thanksgiving without cranberry sauce. >> looking at you? -- look at you. >> brussels sprouts, and a little bit of salad for us also. >> anyone who might find the idea danzig, what do you tell
9:55 am
them? >> to me, turkey is fairly easy to cook. >> what do you rob on yours? >> we put a little paprika and butter. we keep it neutrally season. the goal is to not to overcook them. we serve our ham's also. >> it all looks so good. we have been i mean? all -- this -- we have been looking at this the entire hour. >> i zeroed in on the pumpkin pie. do you do anything special? >> we put the whipped cream. we are real traditional. we like to keep things not too
9:56 am
far into the spectrum so that we please everyone. a lot of people buy our food, and reheat it, and tell their families they made it. >> that is what i'm talking about her >> the secret to the twice-baked potatoes? >> not burning your hands. >> john, tell us the weather forecast while we look at the beautiful food. >> good weather for the next couple of days. dry weather saturday, sunday, and monday. thanksgiving day, it looks like there is rain in the forecast and colder weather for next weekend. >> people can still order? >> we will have available, tuesday, wednesday. stop by.
9:57 am
>> this is a wbal tv 11 editorial by vice president and general manager jordan wertlieb. >> wind gusts left people homeless, approving homes, mostly in northeast baltimore. emergency responders provided a temporary shelter and assistance. city officials have condensed apartment buildings. officials say 92 homes were damaged. despite all of the damage, no lives were lost, and while there were some injuries, none were life-threatening. some of these families will still be recovering during the
9:58 am
holiday season. we are joining the mayor, and asking you to make contributions to the disaster relief fund. and owner of an apartment complex donated $10,000. to're banks could be sent the harvard bank. go to for details. please take a moment to think of the families whose lives changed in the blink of the night, and are in need of help. there is no better time to reach out with support, than now.
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